Monetize your
unbuilt projects.

We feed AI and data science engines with premium architecture & design unbuilt assets.

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Input architecture & design professionals with unbuilt assets
Pro users
Real estate, architecture & design pros looking for intelligentsia
Data miners
Data science & AI researchers leveraging untitled’s IP-driven data set

We believe that creators should be fairly compensated for their contributions and that their talents should be recognized. Our platform allows architects, designers, and creators, to upload their assets, such as 3D models, music, and videos, and monetize them through various means including feeding AI engines and licensing to other platforms.

Creators’ equity
put to work.

By providing creators with a direct financial stake in the success of their creations, we are enabling them to actively participate in the growth of their assets. This approach aligns the interests of creators and users and helps to drive innovation and growth in the creative industry.

Our use cases


Developer-first API allowing pro users, data science and AI-engines to parse through the data lake as they wish

Asset Monetization

Use our native tools to monetize unbuilt assets wether in traditional currencies or cryptocurrencies

Sample Library

Automated process parsing, segmenting and faceting of models, virtual model library that can be accessed and downloaded by other participants


Leverage new acquisition channels, parse the unbuilt world and manage the intellectual property rights through blockchain technology

Data Mining

Reference and analyze immersive portfolios and identify KPIs, market trends, manage & boost digital assets

On-Demand NFTs

We provide our users with IP licenses, 1/1, generative art, collectibles, time capsules, advanced NFTs

Bundles &

Secret Capsules

Think of it as a digital capsule for the modern era, allowing you to preserve and profit from your creations in a secure and user-friendly way. Our innovative technology allows creators to bundle and sell their works in a way that is not just easy, but also secure, protecting the creator’s intellectual property rights while cutting the middleman.

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